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About Us


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Connecting on a personal level is an important part of community relations. On this page we'll present some details about our organization and the people behind it.

The Three Forks Fire Department provides fire/rescue services for approximately 214 sq. miles and a population of about 2,200. The department protects a mostly rural area. The membership currently has 27 firefighters, many who are also cross trained as EMT's. The Fire Department operates out of one station, with 3 Structure Engines, 3 Brush Engines, 2 Water Tenders, and 1 Command Vehicle. Three Forks Fire Department responds to over 100 incidents per year.

Three Forks Ambulance is a Basic Life Support Transport Ambulance. The Ambulance has an operating staff of 12. The Ambulance serves an area of about 350 sq. miles and a population of about 3,000. The Ambulance operates with 3 Ambulances, 2 stationed in Three Forks, and 1 stationed in Willow Creek. The Three Forks Ambulance responds to more than 150 calls per year.

Our Staff

Here are the members of the Three Forks Fire Department:

Bruce Felz-------------Fire Chief/EMT

Wendell Ewan-----------1st Assistant Chief

Alan Jevning-----------2nd Assistant Chief

Richard Aune-----------Training Officer

Keith Aune-------------Firefighter

Stan Cooper------------Firefighter

Donna Drabbs-----------Firefighter/EMT

Walt Davis-------------Firefighter

Randy Flint------------Firefigher/EMT

Sue Foreman------------Firefighter

Jay Hankin-------------Firefighter/EMT

Bill McLaughlin--------Firefighter

Bob Miotke-------------Firefighter

Barb Mutter------------Firefighter/EMT

John Mutter------------Firefighter

Denny Nelson----------Firefighter

Ted Orr----------------Firefighter

Richard Schillinger----Firefighter

Greg Stockburger-------Firefighter

Becky Thrush-----------Firefighter/EMT

Jesse Thrush-----------Firefighter

Ken Trent--------------Firefighter

Richard Vallejos-------Firefighter

Our services:

*Structural and Widland Fire Protection

*Hazardous Materials Response

*Vehicle Rescue and Extrication

*Confined Space Rescue

*Water Rescue

*Fire Investigation

*Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement

*Emergency Medical Services

*Basic Life Support Transport

*Advanced Life Support Availability

*Fire and Medical Stand-by

*Community Service and Education

Members of the Three Forks Ambulance:

Rhonda Buckallew-------EMT-B

Jeri Crowe-------------EMT-I

Donna Dengel-----------EMT-B

Donna Drabbs-----------EMT-B

Randy Flint------------EMT-B

Bill Frank-------------EMT-B

Jay Hankin-------------EMT-B

Ellen Palmer-----------EMT-B

George Reich-----------First Responder-Ambulance

Becky Thrush-----------EMT-B

Jim Waldo--------------EMT-B

Our Locations

Fire Station 1 and
Ambulance Station 1: 13 E. Date Street, Three Forks, MT.

Ambulance Station 2: 113 Main St., Willow Creek, MT.